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31st March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

#mertoncouncil is too busy pushing through dodgy highrise planning applications. #muckymerton @PaulKohlerSW19 @MertonTories @S_Hammond…

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29th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

@daviddean @MertonTories how about stop dicking around with this and respond to requests to stop the waste of money on Boris letter to people who can read it online so instead the money can go to @NHSEnglandLDN @NHSuk ?! #muckymerton We need a way to opt out!…

Nicola Reade-Lyons

28th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

This is what I’m forced to pay council tax for in #muckymerton. And let’s not forget the police who have point blank refused to investigate the crimes that I have reported to them. Probably because the crimes were committed by the police and @Merton_Council “SS” but I’m still

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Mr. Sparx

25th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

@Merton_Council just when we think you can’t get any lower you send out swarms of traffic wardens to issue tickets. Many people collecting shopping for vunerable & elderly and they return to their car to find a parking ticket. Absolute disgrace. #muckymerton

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16th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

Another day another complaint @cllr_alambritis @Siobhain_MP @Merton_Council @MertonMatters @MertonBinBot #vote #VoteThemOut @MertonLabour #sackyourlocalmp #sackthemall #Failure @VeoliaUK @MMLabour @Merton_Council #sackthemall #muckymerton @MertonBinBot @MertonMatters #liers…

Mark Gale

14th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

A load of nonsense, only thing that I agree with is “profitable business model” if only for a short time before losing the contract, while you remove resources, & do as little as possible #muckymerton Uncollected communal waste Abandoned street cleaning Not returning receptacles

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Tom Killick #FBPE

13th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

Only just noticed that on 27/1/20 @Merton_Council deducted £73k from Veolia in last year for poor performance. Total contract value is millions? @MarkGale @MertonMatters @MertonIssues @SaveWimbledon @EvesBakeOff @HaydonsNorth @pippamaslin @MertonGreens #MuckyMerton

gary watkinson

10th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

We pay £1,609.00. How, why? Lambeth, Westminster, Hammersmith and even Kensington pay less. Why do we pay so much more in #muckymerton.

Tom Killick #FBPE

7th March 2020 Mucky Merton 0

Many thanks to Cllr Peter Southgate for arranging today’s litter pick alongside London Rd-Kenley Rd footpath and to all who came. Private land so not Council’s responsibility. @MertonGreens were pleased to help. #MuckyMerton